A little about self-motivation


It is psychologically easier to sit still and not to change anything in life: not to set high goals, and even more so not to achieve them. In non-changes there is much less stress for a person himself and his immediate environment. After all, if you suddenly finally get off the ground, then your attitude towards yourself, habits, daily routine and, of course, relationships with loved ones will change. After all, through “I can’t”, “I’m tired”, “I’m sick” we get a lot of bonuses: support, love, approval.

After all, as soon as you start to go forward, overcoming fear, shame, guilt, many people will stop liking you, somebody will condemn, envy, you will be a person to reckon with.

From a passive observer role, you will become the author of your life! And there are a lot of energy, responsibility, firmness of decisions in this.

Many people know how to live unhappy, passive and constantly tired. But you need to dare and decide to be happy and live your own life!

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