About Key Account Management. Part 2.


The evolution of customers also influences business development. Therefore, it is important to understand how dynamic the client is and whether he is ready for changes, whether the company considers new challenges and opportunities, what tools are used to achieve certain goals and what basis is used for making the choice to develop its partnerships.

The nature of customer relationships has also undergone the certain evolution over the past 5-6 years. KAMs appear in representative offices of manufacturers, and they have to have specific skills, knowledge and competencies. At the same time, in recent years, needs of customers require more qualifications from KAMs rather than the courier’s profile, i.e. it is necessary to expand the range of their powers and influence on the business of both manufacturers and clients.

Based on the report of Victoria Zapotochnaya at the 9th Specialized Workshop Conference “Pharm budget” The third section. Budget and people. Anti-crisis management recipes.

To be continued.

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