Partnership and partner projects in a work with pharmacy chains and manufacturers.


We offer a short excursion into this area of cooperation. This is an already known category for members of our groups.

Partnership is usually called mutually beneficial cooperation or, in other words, Win-Win. However, as we had already noted in our publications, it requires special knowledge and the desire of both parties (Partners in the future).

What distinguishes cooperation in a usual format from cooperation in a partnership format?

The usual format of cooperation, in a trend way, an early key account management supposes the initial stage in the development of relations between a pharmacy chain and a manufacturer.

These are, for example, signing a marketing services agreement, holding promotions in pharmacies, etc.

In order to develop strategic and long-term cooperation, the pharmacy chain and the manufacturer need to go through the next stage of the relationship which is the advanced stage.

At this stage, it is important to understand the needs of both parties and learn to hear and listen to each other. Knowledge of each other’s “secrets” plays an important role in the formation of the advanced stage of cooperation, in a trend way, advanced key account management. For example, internal business processes, turnover in pharmacies, share of goods in categories, margin and its ratio. Usually, the lack of openness between parties is a reason why companies are stucked at an early stage and do not move towards the advanced stage of interaction.

Will you ask why?

And the answer is simple – confidential information.

It has been a while confidential information does not exist in the modern market. Any data can be obtained, if working tools are used skillfully.

For example, in order to calculate the margin of a product in a category, you need two indicators: % of a mark on and sales volume of goods. Where can we get them?

From publicly available sources using simple arithmetic.

You will know more about these and other important components of cooperation between a pharmacy chain and a manufacturer from our special programs for the development of Partnership.


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