What is the Category Management in a Pharmacy?


There are many opinions and contradictions about this concept in pharmacy retail. For example, the first objection that every pharmacist faces is pharmaceutical care. Let’s think about these two concepts: “category management” and “pharmaceutical care”. Namely, whether they are related to each other and what they have in common.

Pharmaceutical care is about taking care of a patient and a visitor of a pharmacy, and category management is one of the most important tools for meeting needs of a patient and a buyer of a pharmacy.

Nowadays, a pharmacist faces with many difficulties and challenges in working with a patient and a buyer. A pharmacist needs a modern set of knowledge, competencies and skills to work with clients (patients and customers).

Pharmaceutical care begins with a sincere intention in the heart of a pharmacist to help a person to cope with his problem or to improve harmony of his body.

Category management works for customer satisfaction and offers tools such as:

• The assortment or, in a modern way, the assortment matrix helps a patient to buy the necessary drug, of the best quality, in his favorite pharmacy from the hands of his favorite pharmacist or druggist.

• Availability of the required assortment or, in a modern way, stock of goods helps to constantly buy this or that drug in the favorite pharmacy from the hands of the favorite pharmacist or druggist.

• The price or, in modern terms, availability of a drug for a patient helps to meet a needs of patients with different income levels.

• At the necessary and right place or, in a modern way, merchandising helps to present the assortment of a pharmacy, the full inventory and present a price of a drug.

• Recommendation is pharmaceutical care, which we are talking about so much and do not always apply our direct pharmacological knowledge and responsibilities, which distinguish us from sellers in a store or other non-specialized retail outlet.

We will continue about these and other concepts in the daily life of a pharmacy in our next publications.

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