What is the Category Management? Part 2.


Is it really important at the pharmacy? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Let’s start with some basic categories:

1. Who is our buyer?

2. What does our buyer want?

3. How to take care of our customer as no one has ever cared?

Buyers are different and everybody has different needs – that’s what you will say you and you will be right.

First of all, a visitor to a pharmacy and our loyal customer in the future is initially a person. Each person, without any exception, needs Love and Care.

What does it mean to love and care about a customer?

This means to give him an opportunity to choose and kindly help him to make a decision in favor of this or that product.

In a categorical way, this is called “ensuring the availability of goods’.

An opportunity to choose is called, in a categorical way, “visualizing a product on a shelf”.

Taking care of a customer means, in a categorical way, giving him your expertise, recommendation, and working according to protocols of a pharmacist.

We will continue to share our impressions and successful cases in future publications.

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