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the profitability
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share knowledge
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  • Partner projects in pharmacy chains in order to increase a share of goods in a category

  • Organization and conducting negotiations

  • Trainings, seminars, coaching



  • Category management

  • Pharmacy audit

  • Trainings, seminars, coaching


  • Market launch of new products and categories

  • Marketing and sales strategy

  • Business consulting


Victoria Zapotochnaya

Business coach, chief consultant,
general director of "TORY GROUP"

Received the qualification “Pharmacist” in the specialty “Pharmacy” at the National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as well as a master’s degree at the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, specializing in “Organization and Management of Pharmacy Economics”. Graduated from the EBA School of Negotiation.

International expert of Gerson Lehrman Group (New York, USA) and Training Academy. Certificated representative and member ESOP and EUSOP, participant of the patient care international clinical pharmacy projects.

Speaker and expert of the MBA course “Pharmaceutical Marketing” at the International Business School MIM Kyiv. Takes part as a speaker and lecturer at international conferences and exhibitions.

Has worked in various international companies for over 15 years, both in the production of medicines and sales and marketing.


Our partners


Valeriy Mikolayovich Gudzenko
General director of the pharmacy chain TAS Pharmacy
"Victoria is my old friend and partner. A person who I respect a lot. If we talk about knowledge of the pharmaceutical market’s potential, she is one of the leading experts in this field. This is my vision and I am not wrong, because all the things that were declared by her, what events were held, were and remain at a decent level. These are areas such as category management, business, marketing, training and development of pharmacy staff, which must be managed skillfully while working in the pharmaceutical market. Partnership programs implemented by “TORY GROUP” together with pharmacy chains, manufacturers and distributors are important strategic drivers for modeling the situation in the retail market sector, as it is extremely important to know and be able to build this business with both external and internal customers. A basis of many recommendations which Victoria declares on today is building quality business processes for the growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. She knows how manufacturers work, she has studied the work of the distributor very professionally, and she understands how to build relationships between all market participants. She provides clear and practical recommendations for the formation of pricing policy in the pharmacy network, taking into account the specifics of different regions to meet needs of consumers. Working with Victoria, as the main consultant of “TORY GROUP”, we study and learn many details of doing business that we do not see through working in the operating routine, which is often faced by management, solving urgent issues over months, days and especially in today's conditions. The company headed by Victoria can be invited to all areas that operate in the pharmaceutical business, namely – financial unit, commercial unit, marketing unit, HR unit, operating unit. There are well-balanced, well-formulated programs that will definitely help in the work, which are based on analytically validated market data, which leads to business development in the future. Therefore, today I am very pleased to confirm the professionalism of Victoria, as the head of “TORY GROUP” and ready to cooperate in the areas of business development in the future».

Maxim Myasnikov
Market expert

“Every passing day requires new skills and new competencies from the manager. Today it is impossible to be simply an expert on a narrow topic. Communicating with key customers (pharmacy chains) every day, you understand that you need to learn constantly. Coaching from Victoria helped me personally to set up the helicopter view for regional markets and systematized many years of my experience in the pharmaceutical retail. And I am very grateful for that. I will be happy to visit other events from “TORY GROUP”

Yashukova Victoria
HRD Pharmacy “ANC”

“The impressions about the trainings are very positive. Our team liked the format of the event, as there were many practical tasks. The knowledge gained may be applied to practice in the realities of the pharmacy retail in Ukraine, and you can see and analyze your mistakes. A special thanks to Victoria Zapotochnaya, she has a good attitude and gives information well. I liked Victoria's deep competence and expertise in the field of category management. There are ease of material presentation and flexibility in working with a team. There is very useful content for those who are familiar with the topic. Sincerely yours and looking forward to new meetings with Victoria. The team of the network of pharmacies No. 1 "Pharmacy ANC"



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